Thursday, August 26, 2010

walking on sunshine

drive-by readings

Curse of the Mutants: Blade one-shot (Marvel)
"The Light at the End"
Duane Swierczynski
Tim Green
Nathan Fairbairn
Dave Sharpe
Dave Wilkins (cover)

what we learned: why is Blade in Frisco, cozying up to the X-Men? well, he learned he's not the only Daywalker around and his crew of vampire slayers folded faster than an origami championship ensemble. and current big evil kahuna Xarus let it slip that they like mutants. a-ha.
oh shit moment: did i mention that posse of Blade's which went down faster than a waterfall? the Skrull Kill Krew would last longer. or Team Jacob.
what's next: if they were going to remake the Blade movie (historically, Marvel's first big movie hit) for the new generation, who would you want to play the role? Nelsan Ellis? Jaden Smith? that kid in Everybody Hates Chris?

freaks and geeks has been renewed!

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