Friday, August 6, 2010

separate lives

drive-by readings

Avengers Prime #2 (Marvel)
Brian Michael Bendis
Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Javier Rodriguez
Chris Eliopoulos

what we learned: the Avengers Big Three are separated - Thor encounters the Enchantress, who believes its his fault that the other realms are in disarray, Tony gets abducted by Fafnir's goons, and Steve, starving for love since being trapped in time, gets seduced by a sexy emphatic elf.
oh shit moment: that's me wondering how this thing fits into the current Thor story arcs where Loki (at the close of Siege) already made a deal with Hela to rent her a piece of Mephisto's land and rechristen it as Hel, which is now i suppose all of these is happening.
what's next: oh, you better run.

what, you forgot this already? Skrull!!!

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