Tuesday, August 17, 2010

start engine

drive-by readings

Iron Man #29 (Marvel)
"Stark Resilient Part 5: Predators and Prey In Their Natural Environments"
Matt Fraction
Salvador Larocca
Frank D'Armata
Joe Caramagna

what we learned: Stark begins his Hail Mary play of getting investors onboard his scheme to save the world. also, Pepper Potts may be back as Rescue but she may need another knight to rescue her, because Tony just blew her off to sleep with the enemy. kidding! of course, he knows there's only one way to find out if the Hammers had anything to do with Ezekiel Stane, and that way is to sleep with Sasha Hammer. oopps.
oh shit moment: nothing much, except if your name is Pepper Potts.
what's next: Hammer Time!

hey, Tones, does she remind you of Rumiko? (k-ching!)

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