Thursday, August 12, 2010

street fighting

drive-by readings

Shadowland: Blood On The Streets #1 (Marvel)
Antony Johnston
Wellinton Alves
Nelson Pereira
Frank Martin
Dave Sharpe
Francisco Mattina (cover)

what we learned: the first time i saw The Shroud, he was involved in Latverian politics and Henry Kissinger. the last time i saw Paladin, he had that Spear of Odin thingy and went off his merry way after Siege. now they're both in this Shadowland spinoff moneymaker. apparently someone is offing bad guys and all signs point to Daredevil and his Hand ninjas. the Shroud and Misty Knight feel something's not right, but we don't know what Paladin's thinking. he shot Daredevil once from long range (look who can't do that!) so he might be looking for a repeat performance. i think this is all just confusion (par for the course) - they'll all team up and fight the common enemy in the end.
oh shit moment: i haven't seen Silver Sable's chest in years. oh mama.
what's next: Pig Pen, Robot Arm and the two mercs duke it all out, to provide entertainment for Lord Daredevil.

why, because she's better looking?

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