Thursday, August 19, 2010

patient zero

drive-by readings

Marvel Universe vs The Punisher #2 (Marvel)
"Warrior of Heaven"
Jonathan Maberry
Goran Parlov
Lee Loughridge
Cory Petit

what we learned: after dispatching the Hulk to Green Heaven, Frank gets a distress call and rescues a priest and a child (and taking care of Venom along the way). they get into a philosophical discussion of ethics in the time of cannibalized people, but then Deadpool regenerates himself and distracts Frank so Patient Zero - which then makes sense as its revealed its Spidey (or Spidey-Rodent) - can have a chat with the Punisher over tea and crumpets.
oh shit moment: was it that easy to kill the Hulk?
what's next: there should be something more to this rather than just survival of the fittest, no?

can we have an Official Handbook on How Frank Kills Everybody?

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