Sunday, August 29, 2010

bullet day, i will giant you

drive-by readings

Batman #702 (DC)
"Part Two: Batman's Last Case"
Grant Morrison
Tony Daniel
Ian Hannin
Travis Lanham

what we learned: the missing details of how Batman disappeared over Final Crisis/Batman R.I.P. and got stranded in time. the smartest man in the universe figures it all out as he gets Omega Sanction-ed. Darkseid makes it the trap for the ages and something you can't get out of, but Bats inadvertently creates a hole in it by killing Darkseid with his magic bullet.
oh shit moment: Scott Free, i think you should give up your title as the Universe's best escape artist.
what's next: do you know what my next cologne is? its Essence of Bullet.

Batman lost braincells on his trip backwards in time, he couldn't even spell his name.

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