Friday, August 13, 2010

rolling to the edge

drive-by readings

Daredevil #509 (Marvel)
Andy Diggle
Antony Johnston
Roberto De La Torre
Matt Hollingsworth
Joe Caramagna
John Cassaday/Laura Martin (cover)

what we learned: Master Izo and Elektra infiltrate the Snakeroot HQ and find out who's pulling the strings. apparently, they have no teleporting device and Matt's not exactly answering his Droid X. so they need to get back to the States by foot. meanwhile, Typhoid Mary shows up at Matt's door, ostensibly to work for him and work him, if you know what i mean.
oh shit moment: anybody seen the new-look scruffy Iron Fist? awesome!!
what's next: something exploded in Shadowland, and i doubt if it was the ninjas who had polished off the burritos for lunch.

then there was that time Master Izo joined Takeshi's Castle (Wipeout for you Americans)

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