Monday, August 2, 2010

children of the corridor

drive-by readings

X-Men Legacy #238 (Marvel)
"Collision Part One"
Mike Carey
Clay Mann
Jay Leisten
Brian Reber
Cory Petit
Leinil Francis Yu (cover)

what we learned: since this is Mike Carey driving the ship, he injects new (Spanish-flavored) enemies similar to the Children of the Vault circa the Supernovas story arc (thoroughly enjoyed that one), for a collision course with our mutants (Rogue being one of his faves, i feel). Rogue and Magneto accompany Paras and two other kids to Mumbai for a parental issue, but Mags has his suspicions of an extranormal anomaly. i hope the continuous suspicion of his current teammates doesn't push him again over to the supervillain side of the fence.
oh shit moment: where the hell did these quasi-Sentinels come from? (uh, "The Corridor". duh.)
what's next: i'd rather have someone else other than Clay Mann drawing this, but what the heck - bring it on.

20% tip mandatory.

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