Tuesday, August 3, 2010


drive-by readings

Punisher MAX #9 (Marvel)
"Bullseye Part Four"
Jason Aaron
Steve Dillon
Matt Hollingsworth
Cory Petit
Dave Johnson (cover)

what we learned: after Frank guns down a corrupt cop, the NYPD guns after him, but Bullseye takes his sweet time and tries to get more into Frank's head, not to mention irritating the hell out of Kingpin. its 95% amusing, because we all want the mano-a-mano between the Punisher and Bullseye to commence, but somehow you feel it might not be worth it, because status quo reigns here - nobody friggin' dies.
oh shit moment: Bullseye brazenly walking into a Punisher safehouse, knowing he's there and he's going to wipe out everyone.
what's next: just get it on, dammit!!!

no, its black and white, you dumb ass.

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