Sunday, August 29, 2010

under the sea

drive-by readings

Curse of the Mutants: Namor #1 (Marvel)
"Royal Blood: Part One"
Stuart Moore
Ariel Olivetti
Joe Caramagna
Jae Lee/June Chung (cover)
Joe Quesada/Danny Miki/Richard Isanove (variant cover)

what we learned: in order to combat the rise of the vampires, Atlantean royal douche and current X-Man Namor swims to the depths to find the Aqueos - the age old underwater vampires who may have the head of Dracula (which they need to revive the vampire king, and let him go apeshit on those who whacked him and took his throne). not an easy task, as his own regiment guarding the abandoned Atlantis was decimated, and his only allies at the moments are the Tridents, who look down upon him as nothing but an errand boy for the humans. also, its nice to see Jae Lee come back and do the covers.
oh shit moment: ever been surrounded by fish? how about vampire fish? or vampire mermen?
what's next: the Aqueos just passed a resolution to declare war against Namor and his allies. fish fight! fish fight!

for a few seconds there, Namor considered the woman's advances. you know he did.

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