Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peter and the Chicken, Marvel style

drive-by readings

Dark Wolverine #89 (Marvel)
"Punishment Chapter 3"
Daniel Way/Marjorie Liu
Stephen Segovia/Paco Diaz
Craig Yeung/Guillermo Ortega
Antonio Fabela
Cory Petit
Simone Bianchi/Simone Peruzzi (cover)

what we learned: continuing the battle between the Wolverine brood versus Franken-Castle, Logan protects Daken due to a warped sense of honor and fatherhood for a jackass who wants his head on a stake anyway.
oh shit moment: you can feel the palpable glee of each character as they individually one up the other. but it feels like a parody because no one will really die. i mean, there shouldn't even be a Franken-Castle.
what's next: Daken gets the Bloodstone, Frank probably dies and gets reborn (yet again) and Logan wins Father of The Year.

Wolverine's the best at what he does - slicing fingers off.

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