Monday, August 16, 2010

the machinist

drive-by readings

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #2 (Marvel)
Ed Brubaker
Dale Eaglesham
Andy Troy
Joe Caramagna
Carlos Pacheco/Tim Townsend/Frank D'Armata (cover)

what we learned: Ed Brubaker doesn't waste any time in revealing who the big bad villain is. after another Erskine bites the dust because Rogers can't save any of 'em, he does the patented Daredevil schtick and beats up half of Madripoor including the ice cream cart guy, and gets zilch. he starts following the late Erskine's wife, who's a doppelganger for a previous love interest (Steve Rogers, Ladies Man). but of course, that's just to prick his all-American heart.
oh shit moment: anybody remember the beach scene from the Madbomb storyline?
what's next: Steve Rogers, Super Sissy!

his safehouse has HDTV? holy crap! i gotta break into one of those!

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