Monday, August 2, 2010

from hell

drive-by readings

New Mutants #15 (Marvel)
Zeb Wells
Leonard Kirk
Guru eFX
Joe Caramagna
Dave Wilkins (cover)
Art Adams (variant cover)

what we learned: the US black ops soldiers who actually lived in Limbo are now back to take Illyana, whom they believe to be a very dangerous person, despite orders from their high command. great timing because Sam and the rest have been sent to Texas on forced R&R by Cyclops.
oh shit moment: you've seen it before but the proper use of a red herring always works: the ambush of a mutant you weren't expecting. oh and Dani and Sam kissing. that's like, overdue for 25 years.
what's next: maybe this time Pixie will let go of that chip on her shoulder.

hey, i didn't see this in Lethal Weapon 3.

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