Tuesday, August 17, 2010

riders on the storm

drive-by readings

Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven #3 (Marvel)
Ron Zimmerman
Howard Chaykin
Edgar Delgado
Jeff Eckleberry
Mark Brooks (cover)

what we learned: i am not ashamed to say i like this series, fluffy cowboy and all. so we learn who the seventh man is, and he's just a Kid named Billy. Zimmerman evokes the silly comedy of old Westerns in moments where Doc Holliday bitchslaps the punk, and the Earp brothers fighting each other in their jail cell (something's not right there). even better, seven bad guys have been matched against the Sensational Seven. that evokes Avengers vs Squadron Supreme circa 1976. another Avengers tip o' the hat: Matthew Hawkins remembering his Avenger days. good times.
oh shit moment: the opening scene has the jackass (and ugly) Billy throwing his weight around, before Doc puts him in his place.
what's next: slap leather!!!

if there's a Kid Dead, then No-Good Kid sounds better.

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