Monday, August 23, 2010


drive-by readings

Brightest Day #8 (DC)
Geoff Johns/Peter Tomasi
Patrick Gleason/Ivan Reis/Ardian Syaf
Vicente Cifuentes/Rebecca Buchman/Mark Irwin
Peter Steigerwald/John Starr
Rob Clark Jr.
David Finch/Scott Williams/Steigerwald (cover)
Ryan Sook/Fernando Pasarin/Joel Gomez/Randy Mayor/Carrie Strachan (variant cover)

what we learned: Shiera fights for her life with her mommy issues, and while Carter finds himself an army to fight against Queen Shrike. meanwhile, J'onn tries to find out where's that Green Martian who jumped M'gann and it leads him to Star City. the White Ring is still messing with Deadman's, Dove's and Hawk's heads. i have no idea what its rapping about.
oh shit moment: how many creators does it take to finish a book? or should we just blame Blogger for having a 200-character tag limit???
what's next: they promised us an Aquaman/Black Manta rematch. they promised!!

and so Hawkman found himself leading the Thundercats AND the mutants ...

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