Monday, August 2, 2010


drive-by readings

Power Girl #14 (DC)
"Bomb Squad Part One"
Judd Winnick
Sami Basri
Sunny Gho
John J. Hill

what we learned: Starrware is being taken over by the banks, given that they can't pay their loans because of embezzlement, and now the Busty Airborne Lass is torn in several directions with Booster plying his "don't you remember Max Lord?" schtick and a new alien (with a Russian arms dealer in its head) in town bent on destroying everything in sight.
oh shit moment: when i thought the title of the story was "Bomb Queen", then i realized Karen's chest was detail-washed out and it wasn't a Bomb Queen story.
what's next: we'd like to see respectable sales numbers so they don't take away our PeeGee.

one man's junk is another woman's puzzle.

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