Tuesday, August 17, 2010

we know Wolverine!

Alpha Flight to return in this fall's Chaos War. the event, which kind of says "Necrosha wasn't enough of a Blackest Night for us, let's do another one!" will most likely involve our favorite pyscho witch (huh, its not these?) Wanda. well, am only saying that because of the word "Chaos". but Dr. Strange already said there's no such thing as Chaos Magic. ahhh, who knows.

and who is this Chaos King who's "systematically destroying all the dimensions of the multiverse to make himself the sole thing in existence once again"? is he as annoying as Burger King? or as self-centered as LeBron James? or as greedy as the Mississippi King?

hmmmm, dead Avengers coming back ... didn't Kurt Busiek do that already? magnificently, may i add?

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