Saturday, August 21, 2010

crash landing

drive-by readings

Power Girl #15 (DC)
"Bomb Squad Part Two"
Judd Winnick
Sami Basri
Sunny Gho
John J. Hill

what we learned: the Russian arms dealer is now Crash, weaponized into a city destroyer. but to learn his Achilles Heel, Karen sacrifices her secret id to her newest employer, a former uberhacker. however, there's a catch, and its name is ...
oh shit moment: ... Maxwell Lord, who designed Crash to replicate Kryptonian cellular structure.
what's next: so Lord has morphed from a joke, to a what-he's-a-bad-guy-now (some people are still in denial he shot Ted), and now, to a real honest-to-goodness villain. bring it on.

don't complain, you got a front row seat.

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