Friday, August 6, 2010

el kryptonians

drive-by readings

Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1 (DC)
"The Last Family of Krypton, Part One/Part Two"
Cary Bates
Renato Arlem
Allen Passalaqua
Pat Brosseau
Felipe Massafera (cover)

what we learned: not sure if this should have just been released as a one standalone volume trade, but money talks, thus we have a three-parter. but i like it: Kal-El and his parents crash-land in Metropolis and after a tense confrontation, manage to convince us Earthmen that they want to make this their new home. so instead of just a Superman, we get a Super-family. eventually, with the demands of the new world weighing down on them as miracle workers, they decide to have Kal be raised by a set of worthy Earth parents (choices include legendary DC Editor Julius Schwartz and Dr. Thomas "I Could Be A Murderer or A Saint, Am Not Sure Yet" Wayne), settling for - ta-dah! - Jonathan and Martha Kent. against Jor-El's wishes, Kal grows up to be Clark Kent, mild-mannered student with a secret.
oh shit moment: not to sound crass, but Renato Arlem draws a mean Lara El with a damn fine booty. sorry.
what's next: twin siblings, Lex Luthor, and would B(rainiac) turn into a villain?

that invention would have made Luthor a billionaire.

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