Monday, August 2, 2010

the devilish details

drive-by readings

Thor #612 (Marvel)
"The Fine Print Part 2"
Kieron Gillen
Doug Braithwaite
John Rauch
Andy Troy
Joe Sabino
Mico Suayan/Laura Martin (cover)

what we learned: Thor and Tyr descend into Hela's (rented) realm to find out that they would need the Eir-Gram blade to control the Disir, and the blade has been placed in Mephisto's Hell. someone has to get it, and Tyr's not feeling up to the task (unmanly!). so, looks like Odin's favorite son is coming for the pickup.
oh shit moment: face-off between Thor and Mephisto. Thor just playing the grim-lipped god and holding back his anger. priceless.
what's next: will Thor ever know of Loki's deal with Mephisto? i want the Thunder God to beat it out of the devil.

"a simple request, Asgardian ... free tickets to your movie next year?"

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