Friday, August 13, 2010

a green can of whupass

drive-by readings

Emerald Warriors #1 (DC)
"Last Will"
Peter Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
Cam Smith
Randy Mayor
Steve Wands
Rodolfo Migliari (cover)
Lee Bermejo (variant cover)

what we learned: recently-voluntarily-demoted-to-Lantern Ganthet has recruited Guy Gardner and Atrocitus for some great mission (which would probably lead to the next GL crossover), and this debut issue reminds how much of an asskicker Guy can be. but this time, he's using his brains more.
oh shit moment: who's the purple guy with the flaming sword?
what's next: wasn't a big Guy Gardner fan because he's a natural dickhead, but recent years of GL and GL Corps have turned me around. i hope he doesn't bite the bucket in this series. or become a full Red Lantern (tell-tale blood on lips).

no, no, no! they're Skrulls! except they're blue!!

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