Monday, August 23, 2010


drive-by readings

Green Lantern Corps #51 (DC)
"Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns Part 4"
Tony Bedard
Ardian Syaf
Vicente Cifuentes
Randy Mayor
Steve Wands
Ryan Sook/Joel Gomez/Fernando Pasarin/Mayor/Carrie Strachan (variant cover)

what we learned: lemme get this straight: Cyborg Supes turned Lanterns into Alpha Lanterns so they would attract the attention of Ganthet so he can turn them all back into mortals, especially Cyborg Supes? and you thought Lost was convoluted. anyhoo, with the little juice his ring has left, Kyle grabs Lantern Hannu as an equalizer, and just in time because Boodikka shows up. her final sacrifice is to power up the GLs.
oh shit moment: Qward? White Lantern stuff? ooooooooooooooo.
what's next: for Stel! for Grenda! for the Corps!!

naaah, that's centuries of not eating healthy, you blue pig.

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