Sunday, August 1, 2010

pulped fiction

drive-by readings

Franken-Castle #19 (Marvel)
"Punishment Chapter 2"
Rick Remender
Tony Moore
Dan Brown
Joe Caramagna
Simone Bianchi/Simone Peruzzi (cover)

what we learned: Frank Castle and Daken - the rematch! Remender goes full circle after having Daken make sushi out of Frank, and this time, Wolverine's badass kid gets the short end of the stick ... until Papa shows up.
oh shit moment: i think Frank took a lot more punishment back in the The List, but there's still a bunch of cringe-inducing moments here that runs like a "Can You Top This?" contest and fanboys going "whoooaaaaa!" on every turn.
what's next: father and son versus a Frankencastle monstaaaa!!

aw, Logan, you spoilsport. booooooooo.

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