Thursday, August 5, 2010

ragin' asgardian

drive-by readings

The Rage of Thor (one shot) (Marvel)
"The Rage of Thor"
Peter Milligan
Mico Suayan
Matt Milla
Joe Sabino

what we learned: Mico Suayan gets his shot at a companion piece to Thor #7-8 (drawn by The Awesomeness, Marko Djurdjevic). Thor, abandoning Asgard because of a frame-up (Loki, is that your hand in it?), lives as a warrior/farmer in Midgard but is forced to return to battle Surtur because of injuries to his dad Odin. eventually Thor has to temper his rage for being accused in the first place and grit his teeth at the normal Asgardian way of life - the three W's (warring, wining and wenching).
oh shit moment: Thor, despite his goody-two-shoes image, probably bedded a lot of women before Jane Foster. duh.
what's next: since the successful Straczynski reboot of 2007, i love the idea of Thor one-shots, and this should continue even if ever the main title gets cancelled (i said "if ever").

what, a Norse god with a conscience? perish the thought!

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