Tuesday, August 10, 2010

opening wounds

drive-by readings

The Boys #45 (Dynamite)
"Believe, Part Two"
Garth Ennis
Russ Braun
Tony Aviña
Simon Bowland
Darick Robertson (cover)

what we learned: Annie comes clean with Hughie, but the latter pukes and runs. the Homelander and Oh Father start rolling the dice on whether they should support Vought on the "supes for national defense" thing. good thing the Boys are on the case.
oh shit moment: when i realized that The Female cutting loose in that right-wing Christian festival was just a teaser. damn!!!
what's next: Butcher and Hughie have been conveniently dancing around for issues now on the subject of Annie. goddammit, let the truth out already!!!

Simon Pegg is asking for his royalties.

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