Friday, August 27, 2010

let's vault in

drive-by readings

X-Men Legacy #239 (Marvel)
"Collision Part Two"
Mike Carey
Clay Mann
Jay Leisten
Brian Reber
Cory Petit
Leinil Francis Yu (cover)

what we learned: Luz or Luisa, the stray they picked up last issue and now defended against Sentinels in this one, is more trouble than they bargained for. and why do we say that? ah, as i mentioned last time, the inhabitants of the world (uh, "The Corridor". duh.) she came from bear a resemblance to - uh, hello, Children of the Vault. how you doin'?
oh shit moment: Rogue gives Magneto one big uppercut just to let him know that there is nothing (nothing! nothing!) between them.
what's next: rematch! only Rogue is left from the original team of X-Men they clashed with before.

HDTV? 3D? pfah. solid state light shows are the bomb!

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