Monday, August 2, 2010

seeds of hope

drive-by readings

Uncanny X-Men #526 (Marvel)
"The Five Lights Part One: Freak Like Me"/"Rebuilding"
Matt Fraction
Allan Heinberg
Whilce Portacio
Olivier Coipel
Ed Tadeo
Mark Morales
Brian Reber
Justin Ponsor
Joe Caramagna
Terry Dodson/Rachel Dodson (cover)

what we learned: Hope finds her family (or the backstory of it anyway) in Alaska, and its good enough to trust her new one going forward. What happens when Bishop comes back? also, grandpa Magneto learns of his possible grandkids Wiccan and Speed (in a prequel to Avengers: The Children's Crusade), but Wolverine warns him off. and nothing happens. ah, those halcyon days of 1993.
oh shit moment: apparently, there is hope of Kitty Pryde, whose diagnosis seems to be, she just forgot how to unphase. hey, Hank, care to come back for a second opinion?
what's next: this issue, Emma goes out to meet Tony Stark. next up, she's going for some raw sushi.

wait ... what? after all that shepherding and leading and banging one of the hottest chicks in the world, he's still an emotional cripple?

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