Monday, December 21, 2009

love & rage

drive-by readings

Green Lantern Corps #43 (DC)
"Red Badge of Rage"
Peter Tomasi
Patrick Gleason
Rebecca Buchman
Tom Nguyen
Randy Mayor
Steve Wands
Ladronn (variant cover)
in just one issue, we get the best emotional impact of Blackest Night to the Green Lanterns, and its not even in the main series or the core GL title. it's just like that time in the Sinestro Corps War when all Kyle and Hal broke free of Parallax and all four major GLs yelled the oath.

with Kyle having been apparently felled by those black lantern zombies, best friend (whodathunk really) Guy Gardner goes into a berserker rage, takes a Red Ring in stride and proceeds to unleash hell on all their enemies. if that's not friendship, i don't know what is.

on the other side of the equation, Soranik Natu's love for Kyle attracts the attention of Sapphire, and the power of love brings him back from the brink. awwww, isn't that sweet? no, seriously it is.

not sure what are the ramifications for Guy running amok, though he hasn't harmed any Greens or innocents anyway. besides after this, will there be still any Guardians to be in charge of the Corps? or for that matter, will they be even in charge of anything?

Peter Tomasi is making a case for the Baseball HOF. because he keeps knocking these issues out of the park.

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