Sunday, December 20, 2009

snaps: Dark Avengers #12

... where it turns out that not only Owen Reece IS NOT the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, he doesn't get any respect at all because of his schizo-ness - and they misspell his name too. ah drat, there goes my hoped-for wildcard. turns out all this time its been always Robert Reynolds (and why not? he's been there since Bendis "reassembled" the New Avengers).

1) the face of a geek who's seeing the nude female body for the very, very first time.

2) Victoria, reverting against type, and not being, uh ... Hands on.

3) hey, do you know this game that Greek gods play? stay in a posh living room, grab a couple of weapons, brandish them around, and yell ...

4) yo, Norman, Dr. Troy is accepting new patients.

5) and Victoria, you know better when boys don't wanna be disturbed.

6) would Norman say the same thing if Bob said "i'm gay"?

7) are you seriously telling me that after Molecule Man does this, it really doesn't matter because the Sentry is much more powerful and does the same thing and makes it more permanent?

i hate the fact that the Molecule Man apparently just gets swept under the rug (and dismissed like a petulant child), despite being a more established character with godlike powers. that's scary for the Marvel establishment, so they made the Sentry have the bigger gun. in both cases, absolute power resides in beings with less than stable minds, which gives an opening where they can be taken down when absolutely necessary.

that being said, of course am still anticipating Siege. how could i not?

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