Sunday, December 20, 2009

snaps: Mighty Avengers #32

... where the Mighty Avengers embark on just one more adventure before they fall into Siege. and they have to work with the Dark Avengers to defeat one Crusher Creel, manipulated by Loki to mess up the world and push Norman Osborn to the brink. i swear to God, no villain ever gets permanently defeated in the Marvel U.

1) Norman, Norman ... when the man's doing his business in the john, you have no right to make him follow your commands.

2) coming in 2011, the House of M Reloaded!!

3) big deal. if he used that with a first gen/Mac-only iPod, or a Creative Zen circa 2001, i'd be really impressed.

4) someone just attained Plantation Sensation in FarmVille!

5) ok, two things here:
one, the Sentry can also fucking do anything (see Dark Avengers #12, subject of later post) so why is he whining?
two, if the Avengers excel in fighting anyone who can do anything, does that mean they only do great in fighting, but never actually defeating those kinds of opponents?

all in all, the Mighty Avengers under Dan Slott is hitting its stride, if only for the back-and-forth banter between "Pym's rejects" and Earth's Scientist Supreme (chortles) himself.

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