Saturday, December 12, 2009

king of the mountain

drive-by readings

Punisher Max #2 (Marvel)
"Kingpin Part Two"
Jason Aaron
Steve Dillon
Matt Hollingsworth
Cory Petit
Dave Johnson (cover)
after my initial misgivings, this is a better read than i thought. and no, its not because of the sex and violence allowed in a Max title. and no, its not the edgy scary tinkering of the mind of Jason Aaron. nor is it the simple yet powerful etchings of artist Steve Dillon (who could draw Frank in his sleep). no, it must be ... wait, yeah, you're right.

i think there might have been one or two superb Kingpin origin stories in the past, but this version by Aaron takes a backseat to no one. a master schemer and manipulator, the once-bullied fat boy takes his lumps, bides his time, leaves no loose ends, and is poised to take over current mob boss Rigoletto's empire. which leaves him obviously on a collision course with the Punisher, whom Rigoletto aims to herd into their crosshairs.

its amazing that the non-superpowered Fisk is considered a 'supervillain' in Marvel canon and has gone toe to toe with everybody including the likes of the Red Skull and Hydra and still manages to survive, time and time again. he'll probably still escape a direct confrontation with the Sentry. ok, that's a stretch.

Jason Aaron is impressing me, as usual.

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