Saturday, December 26, 2009

snaps: Who Will Wield the Shield?

... where scheduling issues and editorial trafficking whack us upside the head. again. and oh, yes, the Red Skull is not inside Steve Rogers. well, glad you cleared that up!!

1) yeah, you're sorry. so no need to buy Reborn #6 anymore right?

2) where were you in Vietnam? or Iraq? or Afghanistan?

3) memo to Natasha: you're a former villain, boinked at least three male Avengers (four, if she did it with Hercules; five, if Daredevil counts as honorary), and your stint as Avengers chairperson isn't that scintillating. you're stabbing Steve in the back now? what if Steve was also a notch on your bracelets?

4) help!!!! what does the one-way sign symbolisms mean?? wwwaaaauuuughhhhh!!!

5) you are about to be enlisted in the health care bill battle, Steve, and its up your alley, because heck, you're like 80 years old and change. good luck.

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