Saturday, December 5, 2009

snaps: Uncanny X-Men #518

... where another psychic surgery session takes place (happens less these days only because Jean Grey's not around anymore - maybe), Magneto goes retro-'80s and makes himself useful (maybe), and Hank McCoy goes emo on us. Hank McCoy!

1) the day it's the happy-go-lucky Bobby Drake dispensing this kind of advice - to Hank, no less - is the day that you know you should stop yearning for Danger Rooms and stupid villains. wait, who's yearning?

2) and Hank tries to deflect and parry, but he's dating an alien ... ok, half-alien.

3) he's a lover, not a fighter. one of Scott's fantasies just came true.

4) Betsy: "my past history with Scott notwithstanding, Professor - don't look at me, i didn't do anyth - oh, you weren't referring to that ..."

5) oh, am sure he had no problems "blasting Emma in the face", if you know what i mean. and i'm not talking about his optic beams either. (hey, kid, stop reading this and go to or something.)

6) well, we'll just have Logan cut off your head right here and now then. huh? what do you mean he's on Avengers business? get him here right now before Mags goes nuts again!!!

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