Saturday, December 12, 2009

snaps: Adventure Comics #5

... where the fantasies of a solid majority of disgusted DC fanboys almost come true. and they all ended up being a lot more disgusted. oh, and Conner meets Luthor again.

1) oboyoboyoboyoboy!! SuperBrat Prime to be torn apart by Blackest Night zombies! sweeeeeeeet!!!!

2) even better - SuperBrat Prime going after The D Man!! wooohoooooo!!! tear him a new one, then kill yourself!!!!

3) Schlagman and Berganza probably got a kick out of this.

4) we all know a lie when we hear one ... or do we??

5) not sure if she's saying she sucks a lot better or a lot less. moving on ...

Marvel's Assistant Editors Month back in the '80s still rules!!!

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