Monday, December 28, 2009

snaps: X-Men Legacy #231

... where Blindfold's tweets with Destiny lands a bunch of them in Muir Isle and come face to face with an old enemy (who of course was supposed to be dead, as usual). oh, and Magneto gets slapped down by Rogue. which could trigger another meltdown back to supervillain status in issue #250.

1) Rogue demonstrates the tuck-and-roll to Blindfold.

2) in another lifetime, Kurt, you would have a steel bar wrapped your throat for that comment.

3) careful there, Mags - that 'child's' brother is upfront piloting the plane. oh, wait, he joined your cause that day, and that child (editorially) came back to life eventually anyway. ok, fine, you can talk.

4) Psylocke. Husk. on the same plane. hmmm. nobody noticed this?

5) lookit!!! a Maggott sighting! X-fans do the wave!!!

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