Saturday, December 5, 2009

viva Zapata!

drive-by readings

Deadpool Team Up #898 (Marvel)
"Bring Me The Head of Mickey Dobbs"
Mike Benson
Carlo Barberi
Juan Vlasco
Marte Gracia
Joe Sabino
Humberto Ramos/Edgard Delgado (cover)
hate to use a cliche, but if you really have to read one book this month, well ... this is it.

ok, that may be too much praise, but very few books keep me really entertained these days, and those that barely do the job, i try to make fun of. am surprised considering Deadpool has turned into the new Wolverine (rivaling him for most appearances in the Marvel U every month), that a revived 'Pool series with the issue number counting down would be a lot more interesting that any regular 'Pool ongoing series.

the #899 opener written by Fred Van Lente was funny, but this second, by Mike Benson, is really hilarious. combining the irreverent hitmen-slash-luchadores the Zapata Brothers (from his solid Moon Knight-in-Mexico run) with immortal-assassin-slash-buffoon Deadpool ... well, the possibilities are endless. Deadpool takes a job off another hitman who tries to whack him - deliver a head to certain people for eight figures (we keep forgetting the 'mercenary' part of 'Pool as he's been a fixture in the Marvel U for awhile now - battling aliens, fighting with Spiderman & the Punisher, hanging with Cable and the X-Men, etc.). the Zapata Brothers take his bounty but run afoul of their subcontractors. 'Pool tracks the Brothers down, and what do you know? turns out they run the Mexican branch of the Deadpool Fans Club! and this only means one thing .... TEAM-UP!

Benson hits nice touches with the smartass Zapata Brothers that resonate with me like iPhone vs Blackberry debates and their musical tastes. (i love Oingo Boingo, and i love the Pet Shop Boys up to circa Behavior, ok? so sue me.) its quite fitting that characters can be created out of modern luchadores (thank you, Jack Black) that cater well to the Facebook and Twitter crowd (and they even talk like them, with the educated Latin American twinge, minus the hellish frequency of the "like" expression and the upward inflection). and the look on their faces when 'Pool reveals that they whacked their idol with a shovel - precious. and the funny lines aren't forced at all and play with the fourth-wall-breaking thing ("i got a Bowen Bust of your head!").

now, now, before Joe Quesada or Dan Buckley reads this (chances: nil and nada, and nil just left town), let's not go crazy and clamor for a Zapata Brothers solo series. that might be a good idea in the short term, but would water down the characters and burn everybody out, especially in the hands of some writer who won't hit the right notes. i prefer to read them from time to time, OR maybe in a consistent team up with Deadpool, since they got the chemistry going already. but if they are gonna do this, can we please have Humberto Ramos doing the interiors too?

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