Saturday, December 12, 2009

impulse buys

looking back, i actually bought a lot more books this year than any other (danger, Will Robinson, danger!). browsing the mall on a depressing Saturday afternoon leads me to impulse buys. hey, Waldenbooks is closing (sad) but they're having a fire sale on everything (good). and i mean everything. i actually now have a big problem how to haul the shit back east.

no mea culpas or regrets here. but let's examine part of my haul, which is obviously related to this blog.

yeah, i know. you're thinking ... you bought ASS-BAR!? i know Frank Miller pissed on everything here, his Bat legacy included, and the critically-derided books came out so late a new US administration took over and they still weren't finished. but who cares? its just a non-traditional interpretation of Batman, and somehow Jim Lee makes it all better ("wasted on the title", some say). i think i will pick crazy, inflammatory stuff drawn by Lee and Scott Williams, over crazy, inflammatory shit drawn by Rob Liefeld. who's with me??

to soothe your eyes and minds, i grabbed the acclaimed Umbrella Academy books by emo rock star Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, and are definitely must-reads.

actually, the point here is to examine if i really saved something on the fire sale.

ASSBAR - $19.99 minus 10% discount plus 8.25% tax = $19.47
UA: Apocalypse Suite - $17.95 minus 10% discount plus 8.25% tax = $17.48
UA: Dallas - $17.95 minus 10% discount plus 8.25% tax = $17.48

Total: $54.43 out of a total cover price of $55.89, which really is $60.50 with taxes. hey, can we ditch taxes for reading material? am already paying a lot for bailing out Wall Street, and am not sure if they're gonna even give me a fair mortgage, while fucking our economy. see, even the simple joy of buying comics ends up in ranting, and its not even about the content.

so ... 5 bucks and change saved. but in this economy? hmmm. the real value here is that someday, as long as i keep 'em intact, is that my kids may find value in reading them (hell yeah, they are gonna grow up geeks).

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