Saturday, January 30, 2010

snaps: Captain America: Reborn #6

... where everything's anti-climatic. two new pieces of information: there's an apocalyptic future coming (well, that's not news) and recite this phrase before you go to bed: "like father, like daughter."

i didn't know Sam swung that way.

you mean the Canadian cable company right?

first, she gets mind-controlled and shoots Steve. now, she makes the Red Skull like the green giant. way to go, Sharon!!!

seriously though: Bryan Hitch's art has been getting ... painful, shall we say, in the past year or so. this is not The Authority and Ultimates vol. 1 .

if its painful for us, how much more for Steve? his torso seems have been Kate Moss-ed.

they're running? are they catching the Acela back to New York? where the hell's Cloak?

by the way, does this mean they had him all along, before Clint went nuts and went to kill Osborn and the girls had to rescue him? shouldn't Steve have led the charge? who coordinates all these stories??

so ... it didn't take that long eh? it wasn't that long ago when i wrote this.

for Ed Brubaker's next trick: Jean Grey is coming back. and as a bonus, so will Uncle Ben.

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