Sunday, January 17, 2010

go, photomonkey, go!

drive-by readings

Amazing Spider-Man #617 (Marvel)
"Rage of the Rhino"
Joe Kelly
Max Fiumara
Javier Pulido
Fabio D'Auria
Matt Hollingsworth
Joe Caramagna
Paolo Rivera (cover)

you can thank Joe Kelly for the title. continuing the Gauntlet storyline, we have the Rhino gunning for ... the Rhino! someone wearing an armored Rhino suit wants to dance with the real deal (who's now living the straight and narrow) for the chance to take over the mantle. Peter pounces on a big opportunity when he realizes Aleksei Sytsevich has found true love and doesn't want to go back to his old life, and thanks to the Spidey brain trust, this one ends beautifully. there's still that issue of "Kraven the Huntress" throwing every classic Spider villain down Peter's way. where's Mysterio? oh, he's up next issue?
the backup story (Javier Pulido on art duties) on the Rhino's turnaround was excellent. now that's extra value, not those previews that came out for Siege.

and now for some snaps!

yes, especially since they canceled Spider-Man 4 and now you're going back to high school!!

Kelly's Pizza, delivering through fire and rain and snow and terrorists.

somebody messed up in giving Wilson Fisk's address.

sexy Latina roommate with shotgun. awesome.

what are the chances that Norah is a supervillain who knows Peter's secret id and just gave him a case of power-sapping nanites? #preposterouscomicbookplots

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