Sunday, January 24, 2010

back to the future

drive-by readings

Avengers vs Agents of Atlas #1 (Marvel)
"Earth's Mightiest Super Heroes"/"Defender of the Deep"
Jeff Parker
Gabriel Hardman
Elizabeth Breitweiser
Tom Orzechowki
Takeshi Miyazawa
Chris Sotomayor
Joe Sabino
Humberto Ramos/Ed Delgado (cover)

we had them teaming up with the X-Men, now we get them with the Avengers. everyone's favorite retro team gets lots of guest bookings (now also appearing in Thunderbolts), despite the cancellation of their book. i was thinking this was going to be a time travel thing considering the cover. as it turns out, it is but in reverse: a time/space anomaly has converted the present day (real) Avengers into their '60s incarnation, giving them the opportunity to catch up with old times with the Atlas people. it may be similar to Avengers/Invaders but i assume Jeff Parker has tricks to wow us. there's also a backup story that would serve as a lesson to kids who intend to take up whale-hunting as a career.

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