Sunday, January 24, 2010

snaps: Amazing Spider-Man #618

... where the Maggia (snort, chuckles, puts on The Godfather) is resurrected courtesy of one Quentin Beck, who as far as i am concerned, died in that Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada Daredevil run. well, he did say he's "Beck from the dead". guy's as funny as i am. also, Aunt May goes negative.

yeah, just a handful of you - Spidey has eight legs ... no contest.

and there was that time when Darth Maul worked for Mr. Li.

Martin Li is a member of the New York Jedi. yes, that's it!!

"Metlift"? what the hell? were they charging astronomical fees?

oh, look at you, Silvio - all Punisher-ish, Deathlok-y you.

and just in case you feel Spider-Man is riding an all-time high:

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