Sunday, January 24, 2010

snaps: X-Men #520

... where three non-American X-Men are sent to New York to watch Mamma Mia or The Loki Puppet Show on Broadway, and track those nanites sent via Predator X-press - it's those bunch of superpowered X-Men wannabes introduced back in issue five hundred-whatever. also, Magneto tries to make himself useful by propping up the sinking Utopia, but is rebuffed by Cyclops. consequently, he goes off to either find his center or go back to being a goddamned supervillain. i hope its the former, because i'm goddamned sick of the 'X-Men vs Magneto' cliche.

it's 2010 and they're still using the Blackbird like its 1999. ohh, they call it X-Jet now?

big talk, fish man. you like attending meetings when you can huff and puff (see Illuminati, Cabal).

Logan, you're all rich ... pay the frog! or promise him some escargot!

the X-Men are back in New York and no one raises a fuss? not even one calls H.A.M.M.E.R.?

hey, are you really Prometheus?

Fantomex casually regale strangers of his adventures. in a diner.

not after killing his wife, you don't. oh wait, that wasn't you?! well, why dintcha say so?! c'mere, big guy. bring it in! group hug, everybody!!

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