Friday, January 29, 2010

snaps: Cry for Justice #6

... where we see that Grant Morrison did a better job having Prometheus go through the JLA like Joey Chestnut at the Nathan's 4th of July Hotdog Eating Contest. really. after knocking off the original Big Seven, it seems much easier to go through this team, Hal Jordan, Ollie Queen, Dinah Lance and Hawkman notwithstanding. and the surprise appearance of a mystery villain here, causing Prometheus to pause? i guess everyone forgot Catwoman crashing the original party and introducing her cat-o'nine-tails to his balls.

with this series being left behind in the dust due to scheduling and other problems (apparently initial artist Mauro Cascioli has been left to doing covers), and with Blackest Night grabbing most of the attention, Cry for Justice has been going downhill since.

see Hawkman with his mace:

see a mace-less Hawkman a couple seconds later.

what the hell? was his mace just a hologram? or did he have butterfingers and dropped it as soon as he saw Prometheus aiming at him?

Ray Palmer does not recommend the South Beach diet.

see Donna rip off Prometheus' visor, and basically rip off his face mask.

and the League were too polite and stupid enough to put it back together during the interrogation.

"sorry for messin' ya all up, Mistuh Prometheus. here, lemme put back yer headset and armor, so you kin still calculate all sorts of ways to kick our asses while we ask you questions."


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