Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peter goes back to high school

with the news breaking last night that Spider-Man 4 has been cancelled and the whole franchise is being rebooted, we can at least console ourselves with the fact that KiKi Dunst will no longer be our buck-toothed Mary Jane nightmare. i just hope the Blu-Ray version of the trilogy (which is now part of history) goes below $40 so i can replace my DVDs soon.

i guess the tug-of-war between Sam Raimi and Sony hit spectacular doo-doo proportions and there was no way to settle it. despite the stated new direction of the reboot is to bring Peter Parker back in a high school setting, i think this would work as long as the plot and storyline hold up just like Spider-Man 2 did. not to mention the new generation of fans the new movie might bring.

so in this big picture that Marvel is assembling, is there room for rookie hero Peter Parker in the Avengers cast? probably not. but i still hope there would be room for some crossover referencing. especially when they also decide to reboot the X-Men franchise.

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