Saturday, January 23, 2010

as bad as i wanna be

drive-by readings

Incorruptible #2 (Boom!)
Mark Waid
Jean Diaz
Belardino Brabo
Andrew Dalhouse
Ed Dukeshire
Joe Caramagna
Dennis Calero/Rafael Albuquerque/Jeffrey Spokes (covers)

spinning off the success of the excellent Irredeemable, Incorruptible goes the opposite path where a supervillain goes straight. and i don't mean going back to playing for the same team. anyway, Max Damage recruits his policeman nemesis to get his crusade in cleaning up after the now-power mad Plutonian. his Catwoman-like jailbait girlfriend named ... Jailbait ... doesn't like his newfound epiphany although i suspect she'd more or less get on the wagon soon enough. personally, i'd have her betray him at some point. but that's just me. that's why i just write a stupid blog. anyhoo, this series shows signs of having some legs. art-wise, am not too impressed especially with the lack of detail. let's give it a few more issues.

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