Thursday, January 7, 2010

snaps: Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2

... where we get more girl-on-girl action than the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship. or not. what we know is, there should be a March Madness-style, single elimination tournament for DC female characters. minus the Mortal Kombat characters. anyone for Power Girl versus Diana for the championship? c'mon, Midway Games and Warner Bros, make this happen!

apparently, Rudolph lost his title for reddest nose of 2009.

i heard Diana wanted to get pierced but this is ridiculous.

c'mon, that's so cliche! hey, Ocean Master, care to file a complaint??

of course, this really doesn't happen but that shocked you all for 10 seconds. and that's what Greg Rucka WANTS.

no, he's not dead!! he's trapped in time and coming back to you in couple of thousand years (two in DCU time).

ditch the collar and that ridiculous faceplate and we're talking, baby!!

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