Saturday, January 23, 2010

snaps: Mighty Avengers #33

... where Loki's puppet show is not only a Broadway hit, but the puppetmaster is himself revealed! through Hank Goddammit-He's-Not-The-Wasp Pym's trendy goggles, natch! one thing i don't get, is why they're still playing by Norman Osborn's rules, when they know the score. sure they're not the "New Avengers" but they also 'unsanctioned' and skulk around in Pym pockets.

"well, if you weren't busy banging Titania, we would've ..."

no, my esteemed US Agent, you, sir, are a Sheboygan sausage.

oh, look, its the gay Iron Lad! Billy Elliott would love to have lunch with you.

reality-punched? apparently, she never heard of Jersey Shore.

oi!! Wolverine and Colossus want their license fees asap.

....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again.

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