Thursday, January 28, 2010

snaps: Fantastic Four #575

... where the Mole Man enlists our fearless foursome to help him ... am not really sure what for. there's this underground city that used to be inhabited by the High Evolutionary, and now it's rising up, and whoever stays within its limits becomes super intelligent. so it rises up, the US is in an uproar, and Ben Grimm may just, just maybe, become at par with Reed Richards in the smarts department.

and the cover of course, has no connection whatsoever with the story inside.

oh my, Princess Leia ... you look different.

get out!! he's a geneticist?? i thought he built a chain of hotels!

umm ... weren't you in New York ... where there's no fault line? (apparently there is.)

the best way to beat Galactus as always, is to starve him.

what are the chances that devolved children living miles beneath the earth's surface, speak English?

shut up, Steve Jobs!! Reed Richards had the HomePad even before your iPad was launched!!

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