Saturday, January 9, 2010

snaps: New Mutants #9

... where i can't still figure out how Shaun Cassidy Doug Ramsey came back from the dead. i mean, the dead get reanimated from Eli Bard's techno-organic virus but basically they're still dead, right? if its just a matter of purging the virus, then all the DEAD mutants in the world WOULD ALREADY BE ALIVE AND WELL AND SINK UTOPIA BY NOW BECAUSE OF THEIR COMBINED WEIGHT!!!!

ok, on to this issue. apparently, some gun-toting spawns of Limbo a la Doom have arrived to kill everyone and only Illyana ... excuse me, Illyana 2.0 knows about this because she travelled back in time to warn the X-Men. so basically, Pete, that's your soulless sister, not the one you grew up with in the Russian collective.

oh, and Shaun Cassidy Doug Ramsey, who basically would thrive in our digital world (the main reason why he would make sense more alive than dead, continuity and Chris Claremont be damned), is slowly being accepted by his former friends. although after he was told to fuck off by that classy Brazilian Bobby Da Costa.

in binary, that's 000101000110101 0101010101010001111!!

RIAA alert!!! someone's gonna get suuuuuuuuueeeed!!

Sam's trying to be cool, but Amara's that hot. check out his eyes.

what the hell - doing it with her mentor's son beside her lover's dead body? what a bitch!!

wow. humble much?

lookit, their targets' profile pics are actual panels in this same comic!!!

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