Thursday, January 28, 2010

snaps: Wolverine Origins #44

... where a title like Wolverine Origins get increasingly set in the present, and nothing much about his origins really have come much into fore since Daken and the idiotic Romulus. speaking of Romulus, he's up for lamest villain ever for being a huge drama queen. instead of Logan kicking better ass, he's resorted to recruiting big petulant green aliens for allies and jailbreaking a chick mis-named after a restauant chain, with a snow globe for a head.

who-hoah! hold yer horses right there, pardner! there was a fight but i wouldn't call it "epic".

no, you don't. bet you don't have Jean Grey's number.

let me get this straight: with the superpower-dampeners in effect, shouldn't Logan be screaming in pain right now because his healing factor's not working? or are mutant powers excluded?

the prospect of gay sex stunned the ultra macho Wolverine into a few moments of silence.

that would be like kissing a fishbowl. and no, Dagger is cooking pot roast tonight.

let me ask you some: you had Wolverine dead to rights, you coulda killed him, then you leave but go back to stalking him. you are the worst kind of obsessive fan, Romulus. Glenn Close had nothing on you.

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